Woody Bradford Shares Conning’s Plan for Returning to the Office in FundFire


In an article published by FundFire, Woody Bradford discusses Conning’s plan for returning to the office.

Woody Bradford Discusses Conning's Return to Office Plan with the Hartford Business Journal


Conning CEO and Chair of the Board Woody Bradford discusses Conning’s plans for returning to the office with the Hartford Business Journal.

Woody Bradford Discusses Office Repopulation with Bloomberg TV


Woody Bradford discusses Conning’s office repopulation strategy with Bloomberg TV.

Lauren Law Featured in a Business Insider Profile on CLO Managers


Lauren Law of Octagon Credit Investors, a Conning affiliate, is featured in a Business Insider profile on CLO managers. 

Rich Sega Discusses High Dividend Equities with Inside P&C


Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the value of high dividend equities in portfolios with Inside P&C. 

Matthew Lightwood Featured in Insurance Business on ESG and Risk Management


Matthew Lightwood, a director in the Risk Solutions, discusses how climate change and ESG are becoming increasingly important factors in risk management in Insurance Business magazine. 

Woody Bradford on Building a Greater Understanding of Climate-Change Risks


Woody Bradford, CEO and Chair of Conning’s Board, discusses ideas on building a greater understanding of climate-change risks in a column in Environmental Finance

Rich Sega on the Future of Digital Infrastructure


Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, talks about digital infrastructure in a CIO magazine article. 

Matthew Lightwood Featured on MSCI's "Perspectives" Podcast


Conning’s Matthew Lightwood spoke about the evolution of modeling and how it may help insurers better understand the portfolio risks of climate change on MSCI’s “Perspectives” podcast. 

Conning ConnText Podcast Explains Why Current Inflation May Be Transitory, Ease as “Exhausted” Supply Chains Recover; U.S. Economic Growth Likely Continues into 2022


Conning has posted its latest Conning ConnText quarterly podcast which suggests that inflation is real but transitory and that the “supply chain exhaustion” feeding the price rise will resolve and inflation will ease with it. The podcast also takes a close look at the impact the pandemic had on global supply chains and how those vital commerce links are responding amid resurgent consumer demand.