Conning Viewpoint: Risk-Based Capital Changes Will Affect Life Portfolios but Maintaining Holistic Approach to Investment Strategy Remains Paramount


Conning has posted a Viewpoint examining the potential impact on life insurers of long-discussed newly adopted changes to risk-based capital (RBC) charges.

Karel Citroen Weighs in on Potential Corporate Tax Rate Increases in Bloomberg


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Bond Research, tells Bloomberg that potential corporate tax rate increases will likely push P&C insurers toward investing in municipal bonds.

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses Potential Inflation Scenarios with Chief Investment Officer


Cindy Beaulieu, Chair of Conning’s Investment Policy Committee, discusses potential inflation scenarios with Chief Investment Officer

Matt Daly Discusses ESG Investing and Net-Zero With Insurance Asset Risk


Matt Daly, Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams, shares insight on ESG investing and net-zero in the insurance industry with Insurance Asset Risk

Conning Viewpoint Offers Insurers a Primer on Alternative Investment Strategies


Conning has posted a Viewpoint that helps insurers understand what to consider when adding alternative investment strategies, or “alts,” to their portfolios.

Don Townswick Discusses ESG Investing in the Equities Market


Don Townswick, director of equity strategies, talks about the role of ESG investing in the equities market in a Barron’s article. 

Woody Bradford Featured in WSJ Article on Remote Work


Woody discussed how Conning is managing the extended work-from-home environment for employees in this Wall Street Journal article.

Don Townswick Discusses Equities Market in Insurance Asset Risk


Don Townswick, director of equity strategies, discusses what equities may offer insurers’ portfolios in an Insurance Asset Risk article.

Conning is Pleased to Announce its Newest Focus Series "The Annuity (Re)insurer Landscape"


The Conning Focus Series report, “The New Annuity (Re)insurer Landscape” is the second in a four-part series that Conning is releasing in 2021 to examine the role of new reinsurers, asset managers and capital providers entering this market and the shifting competitive landscape.

Woody Bradford Shares Conning’s Plan for Returning to the Office in FundFire


In an article published by FundFire, Woody Bradford discusses Conning’s plan for returning to the office.