Conning Wins Insurance ERM Award for Best Asset Manager of the Year


At a time when underwriting profitability is challenged by low growth in developed economies, insurers have become more reliant on the performance of their investments to generate profitability. Against this backdrop, Conning has successfully been delivering customised investment solutions for insurance clients with the industry’s unique investment needs in mind, such as sustainable and tax efficient income, muted volatility and efficient use of capital.

GEMS® Software Receives Best Economic Scenario Generator Award from for Fourth Time in Six Years


Conning, a leading global provider of risk and capital management software and advisory solutions to the insurance and pension industries, has received the award for Best Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) in’s 2016 Buy-Side Awards.

Conning Sees Continued Interest in Mid-Stream MLPs Given Long-Term Growth Opportunities


Institutional investors, including insurers and pensions, continue to increase allocations to Master Limited Partnership (MLP) strategies in their search for yield in the current low interest rate environment.

Conning’s Risk Management Software Extends Its User Calibration Capabilities During the Current Era of Market Distortions


Conning, a leading global investment management firm and financial risk modeling software company, today announced the release of Version 6.6 of its suite of risk management software products, including the ADVISE® Enterprise Risk Modeler, FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer, and GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator (ESG).

Economic Daily News: The Global Economy has Rebalanced and China has Played an Important Role 全球經濟再平衡 大陸角色吃重 -聯合報


The global economy staged an impressive, broad-based recovery in 2017. Growth accelerated in about three quarters of countries; the highest share since 2010. After nearly half a decade of declines, global capex growth sprung back into positive territory, reigniting the global trade cycle. Alongside healthy aggregate demand, supply side measures by China across several industries facing overcapacity have lifted prices and looks set to help lift global inflation back to healthier levels. Gone are the days fearing for “debt-deflation”. With leading indicators such as global PMIs and capex intentions all pointing upwards, the global economy is expected to build on strength in 2018. 

Society of Actuaries and Conning Provide a Practical Guide on Economic Scenario Generators


The Society of Actuaries (SOA) released a new research paper on economic scenario generators. Authored by Conning, a global investment management firm with financial risk modeling software capabilities, the paper serves as a practical guide in understanding future paths of economies and financial markets, and risk elements driving financial variability.    

Conning's Risk Management Software Supports Talanx's Solvency II Internal Model Certification


 Conning, a leading global investment manager and financial risk modelling software company, announced today that its GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator and FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer software supported Talanx AG’s Solvency II Internal Model which was approved by German regulator BaFIN effective January 2016.

Conning Launches Investment Solutions Business


Conning, a leading global investment manager, today announced the launch of an Investment Solutions business focused on developing tailored outcome-oriented investment solutions for insurance companies and pension plans globally.

Conning Completes Octagon Acquisition


Conning, a premier global investment management firm, today announced that it has completed the previously-announced acquisition of Octagon Credit Investors, LLC (“Octagon”), a U.S.-based investment manager with expertise in collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), bank loans and high yield bonds.

Conning Sees Growing Demand For Its High Dividend Equity Strategy In a Volatile Market Environment


According to Conning, a leading global investment solutions provider, insurance industry investors, are increasing allocations to high dividend equity strategies in this low interest rate environment to enhance income and portfolio diversification.