Economic Capital Modeling 

Optimize financial decision-making across all interrelated aspects of your business with ADVISE® Enterprise Risk Modeler. Allocate capital more efficiently and with greater accuracy in a platform that combines the power of complete business logic in liabilities, investments, accounting, and economic scenarios for comprehensive, enterprise-wide modeling. ADVISE® Enterprise Risk Modeler can credibly integrate a company's insurance business and its investment portfolio, across multiple entities and with correlations and dependencies across these areas captured in a robust yet transparent way.

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Economic Capital Modeling Insights

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The Importance of Risk Attribution

More and more insurers have adopted Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as a comprehensive framework for assessing internal and external threats to their business. Risk attribution is a critical component of ERM – it determines the overall impact of various sources of risk across all functions of an organization.

Allocate More Efficiently

Empower your vision in a stand-alone enterprise framework

Capital and other resources can be allocated more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Economic capital modeling and stress testing capabilities are designed to meet all your regulatory and rating agency compliance needs. Powered by Conning’s GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator, ADVISE® software offers advanced stochastic, stand-alone, full-enterprise risk modeling for property/casualty and health insurers and reinsurers.

ADVISE® software also offers unique modeling benefits for life, pension and multi-sector companies wanting to aggregate property/casualty and life/annuity risk simulations by integrating with existing life actuarial modeling systems or taking advantage of the life liability modeling functionality of ADVISE® software.

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