Corporate Responsibility

Foundations of Our Culture

Conning Holdings is committed to conducting its business by adhering to the following Values and Principles at all times:

Act with Integrity: Behave in an honest and trustworthy manner and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards with our clients, partners and colleagues. Said simply, “do what is right, not what is allowed.”

Fulfill our role as Adviser and Fiduciary: Always place our clients’ interests above our own. Perform our work to the best of our individual and collective abilities, show vigilance, deliver sound ideas and innovation to clients, and be responsive to their needs.

Foster Inclusion: Demonstrate respect, empathy and fairness. Work collaboratively with our colleagues across the firm to achieve our objectives, value diverse opinions, and reward and develop our teams through an equitable meritocracy.

Strive for Sustainability: Recognize that we are citizens of our communities and of the world, and that we must take steps in our organizations and in partnership with our clients, consistent with our fiduciary duties, to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future.


Responsible Investment Policy

This Responsible Investment (RI) Policy for Conning* broadly encompasses the core assets managed on behalf of institutional clients in North America, Europe and Bermuda. These assets comprise the majority of assets managed by Conning in North America and Europe. The Policy defines those areas where we actively incorporate processes and procedures designed to improve both economic and non-economic outcomes for our clients while meeting our fiduciary responsibilities to achieve each client’s investment objectives within established guidelines and constraints. This Policy also outlines our philosophy of a collaborative approach to achieving these objectives in partnership. Click here to learn more about the Responsible Investment Policy.

*Conning Inc., Goodwin Capital Advisers Inc. and Conning Asset Management Limited – collectively “Conning”.


United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) 

Conning became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment in April of 2012.

UN-PRI Principles for Responsible Investment

Conning Joins UN Initiative Promoting Principles for Responsible Investment



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