Conning Library is a digital enterprise-wide subscription service that provides users with access to Conning’s rich archive of insurance research publications, presentations, webinars on-demand, and associated data series.

Conning Library users are the first to get notified regarding new research and have access to exclusive content along with the ability to print and download reports.

Click here to register here for the Conning Library. Contact us if you are unsure you are a member.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enterprise-wide license with access to current and historical research including an archive of 30+ years

  • Access to supporting presentations, webinars, and spreadsheets

  • Exclusive Library-Only reports and webinars

  • Access to Conning’s investment, economic, and regulatory thought capital

  • Ability to print and download research

  • Customizable licenses 

  • Self-Registration

  • Detailed usage reporting



Contact Us
For more information on our Insurance Research services, or on Conning Library, our proprietary research portal please contact:

Alyssa Gittleman, Director, Client Services and Business Development
Phone: 888-707-1177