Strategic Asset Allocation

Conning’s FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer helps institutional investors explore the risk and reward tradeoffs associated with asset allocation alternatives, maximizing a company’s reward objectives subject to its tolerance for risk. FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer provides industry-recognized investment risk modeling capabilities, which can be performed on an aggregate asset class or individual security basis.

FIRM® Product Sheet

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Investment Optimizer

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SAA Insights

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Comparing Performance Metrics When Optimizing Investment Strategies

When developing strategic asset allocation for insurers, the approach of Asset/Liability Efficient Frontier Analysis is often used. Learn about the benefits of this approach, and how it is helping insurers reach their objectives

Investment Optimization Function

Investment Optimizer takes investment risk modeling to the next level.

By combining Conning’s Investment Optimizer and FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer software, insurers can produce constrained efficient frontiers of asset allocations based on risk/reward metrics, taking into consideration any combination of assets and imported liability cash flows and reserves from other risk modeling systems.