Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) analysis using the Conning Allocation Optimizer® delivers critical insights on investment strategy. Quickly compare thousands of possible allocations and select those with the highest probability of return while limiting volatility and potential downside losses. Import projected liability cash flows and reserves for full asset-liability optimization.

Cloud-Enabled Allocation Optimizer

The new cloud-based version of the Conning Allocation Optimizer® is the latest step in the development of our Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) tools. The cloud-enabled optimizer features detailed analyses and faster run times to help identify optimal investment strategies, as well as flexible and efficient on-demand cloud computing to help companies manage critical IT resources.

Optimize Your Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation analysis using the Conning Allocation Optimizer® software provides critical insights on investment risk. The Conning Allocation Optimizer® rapidly evaluates thousands of asset allocation strategies to identify the one that maximizes a company’s business objectives within acceptable levels of risk.


Designed with Insurers in Mind

Designed specifically for insurers and pension plans, the optimizer considers the accounting and capital constraints of investing in alternative asset classes. Analyses can be performed on an asset-only or integrated basis, accounting for a client’s full risk profile. 


Seamlessly Integrate with Our Software Suite

The Conning Allocation Optimizer® functions as both a standalone cloud application or as an on-premises add-on module for Conning’s GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator, FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer, or ADVISE® Enterprise Risk Modeler software. Liabilities can be modeled within the software or imported from actuarial models within your existing systems.