Conning Launches Interactive LDI Tool for Pension Plan Sponsors and their Advisers

Conning launches a free Liability-Driven Investing (LDI) tool, the Conning Pension Risk Analyzer (Analyzer). This interactive tool allows pension plan sponsors and their advisers to examine the potential risks and rewards associated with their plan's asset allocation. Click Learn More below to visit our LDI page and try the tool for yourself.

The Conning Advantage

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Strategic Asset Allocation

We have a long history of successfully managing portfolios for insurance companies and institutional investors using a broad range of investment strategies.

Conning is the only asset manager with an insurance industry research unit that provides analysis and insights on key industry trends and line of business forecasts.

Conning has extensive experience in asset-liability and risk management and a deep understanding of pension issues and challenges.

We have a history of exceptional client service providing direct access to portfolio managers and customized reporting. We effectively integrate new clients who are partnering with external asset managers for the first time.

We utilize an advanced risk management structure that identifies strategies that meet client specific risk-reward profiles and separates tail risk from upside potential, resulting in strategic targets that are reflected in a custom benchmark.