Conning's distinctive advantage as an asset manager for insurers is our expertise in both investment management and the insurance industry.


Insurance Solutions

Conning is committed to helping clients develop customized investment strategies that address their unique objectives and risk tolerance. Our Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) discipline is the foundation of our investment approach, leveraging our award-winning financial risk models, comprehensive peer analysis and industry expertise. We also offer peer analysis separately as a valued benchmarking tool to help insurers better understand their competitive position. 

Conning’s distinctive approach to developing investment strategies includes examining the portfolio’s role within the insurer’s entire operation, rather than simply focusing on optimizing returns.

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Insurance Research

For 50 years, Conning’s Insurance Research group has provided solutions that help management teams understand and navigate a rapidly changing insurance landscape. Our well-respected research and consulting solutions result from deep industry knowledge; ongoing surveys of industry executives; proprietary data, forecasts, and models; and our in-depth reviews of insurer performance. 

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Conning Library 

The Conning Library is a digital enterprise-wide subscription service that provides users with access to our rich archive of insurance research publications, presentations, webinars on-demand, and associated data series. 

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Consulting Services 

The Conning Insurance Research team provides a broad range of consulting services to the insurance industry from strategy and market analysis to transaction and rating support as well as customized solutions. 

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Purchase Reports 

You can purchase a variety of reports, publications, studies and The Conning Commentary directly from our website. 

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