Smart Home Technology Shows Increasing Potential to Transform Homeowners Insurance Industry

April 11, 2023


HARTFORD, CT – April 11, 2023 – The growth of smart home technology shows increasing potential to transform the homeowners insurance sector. Already, insurers are partnering with smart device manufacturers and providing incentives to policyholders to use those devices. Some insurers have gone beyond partnership to invest in those smart device manufacturers.

Conning's 2023 Focus Series: “Smart Homes: Potential to Transform Insurance?” provides insights into what makes a smart home, why insurers are focusing on this technology, how insurers are engaging with smart homes, and how the industry has the potential to be transformed by this technology. “While much work is still to be done—particularly around integration of disparate data sources—a foundation is forming that will allow dramatic changes in the relationship between homeowners insurers and their customers,” said Alan Dobbins, a Director of Insurance Research at Conning.

Key research questions answered in this report include:

  • What are the challenges insurers face in leveraging a smart home’s data?
  • What are examples of smart home devices, and how do insurers benefit from the data those devices collect?
  • How can smart homes improve risk management and pricing?
  • What new coverages, products, and services can smart homes offer to homeowners insurers?


This report will help you:

  • Understand what makes a smart home and the impact they may have on the homeowners insurance market
  • Identify why insurers are focused on smart homes
  • View examples of partnerships between homeowners insurers and smart device manufacturers
  • Explore the potential to expand the relationship between the policyholder and the insurer


Smart Homes: Potential to Transform Insurance?” is available for purchase from Conning by calling (888) 707-1177 or by visiting here.


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