Our Investment Approach


Since its founding in 1912, Conning has focused on serving the insurance industry. Our deep experience with the complexities of managing insurance company investment portfolios is a valuable asset in creating customized solutions aimed at improving clients’ financial results.


Conning's investment teams in the United States, Europe and Asia are committed to developing strategies that emphasize:

  1. Customization - We develop holistic solutions that reflect our deep understanding of a client’s business, financial objectives and risk tolerance.

  2. Limiting Downside Risk - Our priority is to protect a client’s franchise during periods of market dislocation.

  3. Fundamentals - Proprietary research and analysis are critical to our solutions development.

  4. Optimizing Performance - We drive for investment results through strategic asset allocation, sector rotation and issue selection.

  5. Client Needs - We have a long history of providing exceptional customer service and offer clients access to a primary portfolio manager and real-time access to their portfolios.


Strategic Asset Allocation:
Developing a Custom Investment Strategy