Matt Daly Discusses Insurers' Investment Strategies in Business Insurance


Matt Daly, Head of Conning North America, is featured on Business Insurance discussing how insurers are adapting their investment strategies with climbing interest rates and other changes in the markets.

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses Insurers' Investment Challenges in Podcast


Conning North America Chief Investment Officer Cindy Beaulieu discussed the investment challenges insurers faced in the past few years and offered insight on expectations for 2024 in this podcast with

2024 Industry and Market Outlook: Searching for the Winning Ticket


As the 2024 election season takes center stage, life insurers will also be facing important decisions. For example, the Secure Act 2.0 is creating annuity opportunities in the $6 trillion 401(k) market, but how should they take advantage? Will the surprising economic growth of 2023 continue or will the Fed’s inflation fight lead to an economic slowdown? Scott Hawkins and Cindy Beaulieu discuss strategies to help life companies thrive in 2024 as part of ACLI’s 2023 Webinar Series moderated by Sunny Wadhwa.

GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator named “Market Scenario Generator of the Year” in 2024 Risk Markets Technology Awards


Conning is pleased to announce that its GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator has been named “Market Scenario Generator of the Year” in the 2024 Risk Markets Technology Awards. 

401(k) Guaranteed Income Innovation Underway


This Conning report explores what is required to provide in-plan guaranteed income solutions and highlights examples of firms already moving forward with their innovations.  

Twists and Turns in the Fronting Market – What’s Next?


The Conning report, “As the Fronting World Turns: Recent Developments and Review of Midyear Results” analyzes the major developments over the past few months and provides implications for the future of this market.   

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses the Fed's Interest-Rate Decisions with Yahoo Finance


Cindy Beaulieu, Conning North America's Chief Investment Officer, is featured on Yahoo Finance discussing interest-rate decisions the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely make in November and December. 

Conning Climate Risk Analyzer® wins Climate Stress-Testing Solution of the Year


Conning is pleased to announce that the Conning Climate Risk Analyzer® has been named Climate Stress-Testing Solution of the Year in the 2023 InsuranceERM Climate Risk & Sustainability Awards. 

Steady Life Settlement Growth Continues Despite Current Economic Turbulence


The Conning study, “Life Settlements: Steady Growth Ahead” analyzes the life settlement market and asset class. The study reviews the current market for life settlements and presents our forecast for 2023-2032. Further, the study analyzes the performance of insurers targeted by life settlements investors.

Conning ConnText Podcast: Resilient Economy Faces Growing Challenges from Geopolitical Risk, Inflation and U.S. Political Disfunction


In the Conning ConnText podcast for the fourth quarter, Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the challenges to a resilient U.S. economy. He is joined by Ole Jorgensen of Global Evolution, who discusses artificial intelligence and how it can be applied to the investment process.