Conning ConnText Podcast: Challenges to Economy Continue but U.S. Remains Bright Spot Amid Troubled Global Times


In the Conning ConnText podcast for the third quarter, Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the many current challenges for insurance company investment portfolios. His guest, Tom Cloutier, a CMBS expert, discusses real estate, the various fixed income sectors related to it, and opportunities for insurers. 

Conning Climate Risk Analyzer™ featured in the Climate AIR Toolbox


The Conning Climate Risk Analyzer™ has been featured in the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance’s Climate AIR Toolbox.

Marcus McGregor Comments on Factors that are Causing Prices to Fall in the Oil Futures Market


Marcus McGregor, head of commodities, comments on factors that are causing prices to fall in the oil futures market in a Bloomberg article.

Don Townswick Discusses the Potential Value of Dividend-Paying Equity Strategies for Insurance Portfolios


Donald Townswick, Director of Equity Strategies, discusses the potential value of dividend-paying equity strategies for insurance portfolios in this column on the Insurance Thought Leadership website.

MGA market grows swiftly, exceeds $70 billion in premium in 2021. Growth fueled by plentiful reinsurance capacity accessed through fronting insurers.


The Conning study, “Managing General Agents: Firing on All Cylinders,” presents MGA marketplace dynamics, trends, players, and outlook. It includes analysis of the growing fronting market and findings from Conning’s 2021 proprietary survey of MGA executives. Survey respondents shared insights into premium growth trends and the overall market, as well as insights into relationships with insurers.

State Credit Quality Appears Stable For Now, but Concerns Are on Horizon


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Research, penned a column for InsuranceNewsNet on Conning’s 2022 State of the States report. 

Course Correction: Insurers Revisit Portfolio Strategies


Richard Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, writes in InsuranceNewsNet on how the insurance industry is changing its investment strategies to meet the demands of the current economy. 

Don Townswick Discusses Dividends and Yields in the Equities Market


Don Townswick, Director of Equity Strategies, talks about dividends and yields in the equities market in a Barron’s article. 

Conning Announces its Newest Strategic Report: ESG—The Companies Speak: Insights from Conning’s ESG Survey of Insurers


The Conning study, “ESG—The Companies Speak: Insights from Conning’s ESG Survey of Insurers” provides data and analysis of 280 responses to a survey of U.S. insurance executives and upper management from a broad cross-section of companies representing all sizes, ownership structures, and business focuses.

Karel Citroen Conning's State of the States Report in Chief Investment Officer Magazine


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Research, discusses Conning’s 2022 State of the States report in Chief Investment Officer