Matt Daly Discusses If and When the Fed Will Lend a Hand to Corporate Bond Programs


Matt Daly, head of corporate & municipal teams, shared insight with Reuters on if and when the Fed will lend a hand to corporate bond programs

Clear Path Analysis Pension Plan De-Risking Q&A


The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder to DB pension plan sponsors of the potential value of a disciplined de-risking strategy. Conning’s Sean Kurian discusses sponsor concerns in this Q&A.

Karel Citroen Looks at Possible Solutions for Government Sponsors During Pandemic


Karel Citroen, head of municipal bond research, discussed a possible solution for government sponsors during the coronavirus pandemic with Pensions & Investments.

Don Townswick Weighs in on the Current State of Market Volatility


Don Townswick, director of equity strategies, weighs in on the current state of market volatility in a recent USA Today article.

Karel Citroen on the Current Municipal Market Amid Coronavirus Volatility


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Bond Research, believes credit concerns are impacting the municipal market in a large way.

Insurers May be Able to Enhance Income Without Committing Additional Cash or Adding Significant Risk


A Conning Strategic Alert describes how market dislocations have helped drive up yields for structured securities while the decline in U.S. Treasury yields has led to falling rates within FHLB lending programs. Insurers who are FHLB members may be able to use loan proceeds to invest in structured securities.

Karel Citroen on the Current Municipal Market and Proposed Action from Washington


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Bond Research, discussed the municipal market and a possible federal stimulus with the Bond Buyer

How Conning Adapted its Business for the Time of Coronavirus


Woody Bradford, Conning CEO and chair, shared how Conning is adapting to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic with FundFire. 

Rich Sega Discusses U.S. Stocks and the Coronavirus Pandemic


Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the coronavirus pandemic and U.S. stocks with USA Today.

Karel Citroen on the Effects the Coronavirus Pandemic May Have on State Budgets


Karel Citroen, head of municipal bond research, told Bloomberg he expects the coronavirus pandemic to have long-term budget implications on states as early as this summer.