Property Casualty Insurance Distribution Landscape Changing Rapidly


The channels and processes for property-casualty insurance distribution are undergoing unprecedented change, according to a new study by Conning.

Conning named Best-Fixed Income Asset Manager of the Year at the 2018 Insurance Investment Exchange Awards


Conning named Best-Fixed Income Asset Manager at the 2018 Insurance Investment Exchange Awards. Congratulations to everyone involved in Conning Risk Solutions, Investment Management, and the GEMS® & FIRM® Software teams.

Hong Kong Economic Journal - The Strengthening of the USD Could Impact Southeast Asia Capital Flows 強美元或令東南亞資本外流 – 信報


After experiencing the simultaneous recovery of the global economy throughout Asia, the regional market growth began to show signs of abating. Looking into the Asian market, different countries will show individual development.

Bloomberg - China will Play the Long Game 中國將會進行長遠的博弈 – 彭博


China may offer the U.S. greater access to some of its markets during trade negotiators, said Conning’s Mark Franklin in this recent Bloomberg appearance, but won’t likely agree to U.S. requests that hinder its longer-term economic goals. See the video here.

CNBC: The Strengthening U.S. Dollar isn't Going to Last


U.S. dollar strength has been improving in recent weeks, but that is unlikely to continue, notes Conning’s Marc Franklin in this recent CNBC appearance. Learn why in this video.

State of the States - Spring 2018


Conning maintains its declining outlook on U.S. state credit quality overall, and tax reform may worsen conditions in some cases, but there are bright spots. Our State of the States report May 2018 is the latest in our semi-annual analysis and ranking of all 50 states by credit quality. 

Best's Review: Emerging Opportunity


Emerging markets may hold greater appeal for insurers looking for new sources of yield, return and diversification. Learn more about the asset class and the opportunities for insurers in this April Best’s Review article by filling out the form.

CNBC: A Look at Possible Developments in the U.S.- China Trade Dispute


Conning’s Marc Franklin offers perspective on the issues at the core of the U.S-China trade discussions during this CNBC interview. 

A Record-Setting Year for Insurers Distribution and Services Mergers & Acquisitions


While 2017 global mergers and acquisitions transactions for insurance distribution set new records, insurance services were down from prior year despite a strong technology focus, according to a new study by Conning.

Bloomberg - Conning's Bradford Sees Aligned Growth Globally 


Chair & CEO Woody Bradford discusses a number of issues related to international trade, monetary policy and challenges facing major Asian economies, while noting Conning’s constructive views on global growth, in this Bloomberg interview.