Conning Named Insurance Asset Manager of the Year 2nd Year in a Row by Inside P&C


For the second consecutive year, Conning was named the Insurance Asset Management Firm of the Year by Inside P&C, a leading industry resource for market intelligence and real-time insight on the entire US P&C insurance market. 

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses the Current Role of Stocks vs. Bonds in the Portfolios on Nasdaq TradeTalks


Cindy Beaulieu, Chair of Conning's Investment Policy Committee, discussed the current role of stocks versus bonds in portfolios on a recent episode of Nasdaq TradeTalks. 

The Italian Connection


Woody Bradford, Conning's CEO and Chair of the Board, and Andrew Gordon, CEO of Octagon, recently spoke with Creditflux to discuss the Generali transaction and their expectations for the credit markets. 

Conning's Report with Howden Tiger Explores How Asset-Light Business Models are Fostering a More Responsive Insurance Market


Conning’s joint report with Howden Tiger, Travelling Light, analyzes the remarkable growth in asset-light insurance vehicles - MGAs, fronting companies and reciprocal exchanges - in recent years. The report makes the case that asset-light vehicles are enhancing the insurance industry’s ability to address more volatile risks and fast-changing customer needs.

William Pitt Discusses the MGA Market on AM Best TV


William Pitt, a director in the Insurance Research group, speaks with AM Best TV about what’s driving growth in the MGA market, and the latest standards for new MGAs to be successful with tighter capital capacities. 

Rich Sega Previews the Federal Reserve's Annual Summer Meeting with U.S. News & World Report


Conning's Global Chief Investment Strategist Rich Sega commented on possible outcomes of the Federal Reserve's meeting this week in a U.S. News & World Report article. 

Conning Viewpoint: Commercial Real Estate Can Benefit Insurance Investment Portfolios, but Exposures at Smaller and Mid-Size Firms Trail Those of Larger Companies


In Conning's latest Viewpoint, Matt Reilly, managing director in Conning’s Insurance Solutions team, documents the differences among insurers by size but notes that the potential benefits of CRE are similar for all insurance portfolios, regardless of size.

Capturing Volatility in ESGs


In its new white paper, Conning tests the GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator to see how well it captured the unprecedented market movements of 2020–2022.

Property-Casualty Industry Loss Reserves Remain Redundant in 2022; Adequacy Level Slightly Down; Favorable Development Slightly Lower than Prior Year


The Conning study, “2022 Property-Casualty Loss Reserves: Keeping Vigilant” reviews the property-casualty industry’s loss reserve position at the end of 2022, by line of business and in total.  

Karel Citroen Discusses State Credit Quality on AM Best TV


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Research, discussed Conning's 2023 State of the States report with AM Best TV