Karel Citroen Discusses Conning's 2020 State of the States Report with Yahoo Finance


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Research at Conning, spoke with Yahoo Finance about Conning’s 2020 State of the States report and how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting states’ credit quality.

The State of the States in a Pandemic: Conning’s 2020 Municipal Credit Report


Conning changed its outlook to negative from stable on state credit quality. While state credit quality in 2019 was the strongest it had been in a decade, the COVID-19 pandemic will force states to make difficult budget decisions and possibly dip into reserves to address shortfalls. 

Economic Impact of COVID-19 Threatens Insurance Portfolios


Matt Daly, Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams, offers insight on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting credit markets and insurance company investment portfolios in a recent article featured in InsuranceNewsNet

Conning Sees Opportunities in Credit Despite Cycle’s Move into “Repair” Stage


The Conning Viewpoint, A Search for Credit Opportunities Amid Downgrades and Fallen Angels, examines how the COVID-19 pandemic struck fast and deep in credit markets, leading to a significant number of downgrades and record new issuance by investment grade (IG) firms. New debt and the expected lower earnings will likely weaken credit ratings, and IG issuers rated BBB – about half of the Bloomberg Barclays Investment Grade Index – face the risk of being downgraded to high yield.

Woody Bradford Featured in Insurance Asset Risk on Working from Home During the Pandemic


Woody Bradford, Conning CEO and Chair, speaks with Insurance Asset Risk about how Conning adapted to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Clear Path Analysis - Pension Plan De-Risking, North America 2020 Report


In the foreword to the Clear Path Analysis “Pension De-Risking North America 2020 Report,” Conning’s Sean Kurian outlines why it’s never too late to consider a disciplined de-risking strategy to help navigate a defined benefit plan’s inevitable peaks and troughs. 

Conning Sees Pressure Rising on Medical Professional Liability (MPL) Carriers


Leading global investment management firm Conning said that data from the medical professional liability (MPL) insurance industry suggest that business and financial pressures are mounting on carriers, meaning that more trying times may be ahead.

Life-Annuity and Health M&A Continued as Insurers Looked for Growth in 2019; Muted Growth in 2020 Projected


In 2019, M&A activity involving acquisitions of life-annuity and health insurers in 2019 were slightly higher than in 2018, driven by broad economic, regulatory, competitive, technological, and demographic trends.

Woody Bradford Speaks with AM Best TV


CEO Woody Bradford told AM Best TV that the democratization of data has made asset management cheaper, faster and better and that technological advances have been instrumental in enabling asset managers and insurance companies to make the large shift to work from home. 

COVID-19 and Poor Countries: The Right Response


The world’s poorest countries affected by COVID-19 are in need of financial assistance, but Conning affiliate Global Evolution, a manager of emerging and frontier markets debt, argues that any solution must be driven by the principle of “crowding in” market-based finance through market confidence-building measures.