Conning Insights - Impact of Inflation


 Conning has written a number of articles about the current inflationary environment, including the drivers and impact on insurers. Conning’s expertise on the subject has also been captured in recent news articles.

Opportunities for Insurers Within a Shifting Credit Cycle


Matt Daly, head of Conning’s Corporate and Municipal Teams, provides an overview of strategies that may help insurers manage through the current market challenges.

Conning Key Facts


“Key Facts” offers an overview of Conning’s assets under management, the experience and depth of our investment staff, and our array of capabilities to help you get a quick understanding of our company.

Equity Investing for Insurers: Keeping Steady on the Till in Rough Seas


Matt Reilly from Conning’s Institutional Solutions team offers insights on equity allocations among insurers and explains that equity remains an important portfolio asset, despite the recent decline in equity values and higher volatility. This is the second in the “Risk Matters” series focusing on helping insurers understand current investment risks and how modelling can help develop holistic enterprise solutions.

Conning ConnText Podcast


Course Correction: As investment environment becomes “risk off,” insurers revisit portfolio strategies


Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, discusses how global events and market disruptions are causing many insurers to revisit investment strategies in the new “risk off” environment.

Dividend Equity Strategies: Managing Higher Volatility, Rising Interest Rates and Inflation


Donald Townswick, Director of Equity Strategies, explains how dividend-paying equity strategies may be a more appropriate equity solution for insurance portfolios.

CLOs: Helping Insurers Manage Duration Risk Amid Rising Interest Rates


Paul Norris, Head of Structured Products at Conning, and Gretchen Lam, a senior portfolio manager at affiliate Octagon Credit Investors, explain the current opportunities in CLO securities for insurers.  

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