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Conning 2020 Industry Outlook


Conning’s 2020 U.S. Insurance Industry Outlook webinar offers insight on how insurers may wish to prepare for the year ahead. 

Pension Funded Status Tracker January 2020


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan dropped by 2% from 93% to 91% funded, between the beginning and end of January. The asset portfolio increased in value due to positive hedging portfolio performance and liabilities also increased in value, mostly driven by a drop in interest rates.

Client Case Study: Pension Strategic Asset Allocation


Valida Vorsorge Management utilizes Conning software to explore ideal asset allocation strategies based on their risk/reward profile

Conning ConnText Podcast: Quarterly Investment Outlook


The Conning ConnText podcast is our quarterly update, hosted by Rich Sega, Conning’s Global Chief Investment Strategist. Rich’s outlook for U.S. capital markets in 2020 is one of optimism, given that he sees conditions that could support another solid year, although not as strong as 2019.

Portfolio Opportunities in the Workers' Compensation Industry


A Conning analysis found intriguing differences among workers’ compensation carriers by size, and also concluded that some advantages enjoyed by larger firms shouldn’t necessarily be exclusive to that group.

Need for Income in Low-Yield Environment Causing Many to Add BBB-rated Bonds


Conning’s Mary Pat Campbell and Cynthia Beaulieu discuss insurance asset-allocation trends, the concerns of rising exposure to riskier bonds, and how portfolio diversification can help improve income and reduce risk. 

Pension Funded Status Tracker December 2019


The month of December alone was a good month for the average pension plan as the funded status over the month increased by 2% from 91% to 93%. The asset portfolio increased driven by equities and alternative assets, while liabilities decreased due to an increase in interest rates.

Pension Funded Status Tracker November 2019


During the month of November, the funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension increased by 1% to 91% funded. The asset portfolio increased due to strong equity market performance, while liabilities had a slight decrease due to an increase in rates. 

Webinar: An Introduction to the CLO Debt & Equity Asset Classes


Conning believes many insurers could benefit from an exposure to collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) but may be hesitant to invest in an unfamiliar asset class. Our affiliates at Octagon Credit Investors are highly experienced CLO investors and managers and have developed this educational webinar on the asset class.

Pension Funded Status Tracker October 2019


Over the course of October, the funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension increased by 1% to 90% funded. Investment gains in the growth portfolio was the key driver of asset performance, though liabilities were relatively flat and as a result, the effective discount rate dropped by only two basis points.