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Q&A: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Conning Holdings Limited (“Conning”)


A discussion of Conning’s journey to address diversity, equity and inclusion, from its impetus and lessons learned to the important work ahead, with Board member Meryl Hartzband and CEO and Chair of the Board Woody Bradford.

P/C Book Yields Surplus May Slip Further Due to Pandemic Fallout


While the pandemic will likely lead to even lower book yields for property-casualty insurers and possibly impact surplus, Conning suggests that scenario planning – stress-testing portfolios against historical market downturns – may help insurers better understand the range of risks they face.

Conning ConnText Podcast: Quarterly Investment Outlook


In his Conning ConnText podcast for the third quarter, Rich offers his insights on capital markets in the “year of incredible contrasts.” He is joined by Steve Webersen, Head of Conning’s Insurance Research group, who discusses how market conditions and industry trends are affecting various insurance industry sectors.

Webinar: Insurers on the Road to Omnichannel


Conning insurance industry analysts Alan Walters, Rebekah Humphrey and Alan Dobbins offer insight on developing omnichannel capabilities, i.e., a multiplatform channel that allows a seamless customer experience. In this presentation as part of the NAMIC Management Conference, Conning's industry experts highlight the companies that are making good progress, the struggles of those trailing, and the ever-important value of a human touch.

Pension Funded Status Tracker June 2020


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan improved to 81% in June, a monthly gain of 1%. The asset portfolio increased in value but liabilities also increased, mainly due to a decline in the effective discount rate.

Life Insurance Post-COVID-19: Recovering from the Deluge


Like a rogue wave, the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world unaware. The webinar “Life Insurance Post-COVID-19: Recovering from the Deluge,” hosted by the ACLI and presented by Conning and Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, offers significant insight into navigating the path forward.

Conning's 2020 State of the States Report


Conning’s State of the States report is an annual ranking of each of the 50 U.S. states by credit quality. While state credit quality in 2019 was the strongest it had been in a decade, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely force states to make difficult budget decisions. Our report offers insights on how individual states are prepared for the economic downturn.

Pension Funded Status Tracker May 2020


During May, the average corporate defined benefit pension plan’s funded status improved by 1% to 85% funded. The asset portfolio increased in value as both the hedging and growth portfolios outperformed and liabilities also witnessed an increase, mostly driven by a tightening of high quality corporate spreads.

The Conning Commentary: Earnings Roundup, First Quarter 2020


When the Covid-19 pandemic reached the U.S. in March, it posed a significant headwind to insurers across the industry. 

Back-Testing the GEMS Expert View Calibration — COVID-19 Review


The economic stresses from COVID-19 remind us of the value of robust market-risk modeling. Such extreme conditions also provide valuable new data for back-testing model calibrations.