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Webinar: Buildings for the Future: Commercial Real Estate Opportunities for Insurers


Large insurers have enjoyed the benefits of commercial real estate in their portfolios for many years. The asset class could potentially benefit small and mid-size firms as well. This webinar focuses on helping insurers better understand the asset class and learn how commercial real estate may benefit insurance portfolios, with insights about the asset class from Conning’s newest affiliate, Pearlmark Real Estate, L.L.C.

State of the States 2023


Conning’s 2023 State of the States report features a highly interactive format that allows you to dive into the data that drives our annual evaluation of the credit quality of all 50 U.S. states.

FHLB for Insurers: A Source of Liquidity During Market Dislocations


Conning reviews how insurers can leverage Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) financing programs to help them make the most of the resource as market funding costs rise.

Thinking the Unthinkable: Stress-Testing a U.S. Treasury Technical Default


Matt Lightwood considers two possible scenarios for the aftermath of a default and their effects on financial markets. 

Commercial Real Estate Investment Q&A: What Insurers Need to Know


Tom Cloutier, Conning’s CMBS expert, discusses the challenges facing the commercial real estate market, the firm’s due diligence process, and the enhanced investor protections in CMBS.

The Risks of 2023 – And a Path Forward


Rich Sega and Cindy Beaulieu examine the expanding array of domestic and global risks challenging investment markets in 2023 and offer insights on strategies to help insurers manage their portfolios in this environment.

Survey Insights: Investment Risk, Private Assets and ESG on the Rise Among Life Insurers


On March 28, Conning's Scott Hawkins and Matt Reilly discussed findings from the firm's risk assessment survey of U.S. insurers as part of ACLI's webinar series moderated by Sunny Wadhwa. 

As Rates Rise, Investment Strategies Must Meet IMR Challenges


Jeremy Lachtrupp and Matt Reilly examine the Interest Maintenance Reserve (IMR), its role in life company balance sheets and concerns as interest rates rise, and considerations for insurers in developing investment strategies

Parameter Stability in Unstable Markets


When validating economic scenario generators, one aspect that is often overlooked is parameter stability—the ability of a single set of model parameters to perform consistently well over long periods, in both normal and stressed market environments.