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Viewpoint - Income Equities - A Desirable Portfolio Asset as Interest Rates Turn


The extended period of historically low U.S. interest rates has been a headache for yield-challenged fixed-income investors such as insurance companies.

Asset TV Masterclass: Liability Driven Investing - October 2017


In a recent interview with Asset TV, Erin Spalsbury, Head of LDI Fixed Income Portfolio Management shares her insights on the current landscape of liability driven investing and the future of corporate pension plans.

Asset TV: Why Investors Should Consider MLPs


In a recent interview with Asset TV, Marcus McGregor, Head of MLP Strategy explains why institutional investors should consider allocating for direct ownership of underlining MLPs.

The Pension Plan Underfunding Dilemma: Analyzing the Trends


The funding status of corporate defined benefit (DB) pension plans remains a subject of concern for many company officers and is not going away soon. Surprises requiring unexpected (and sometimes sizeable) contributions to pension plans can have a significant impact on a company’s financial position.

Replacing LIBOR: Perspectives of an Evolving Landscape


The U.K.’s July announcement that the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, will be phased out by the end of 2021 was not the last word on the subject.

A.M. Best Interview: Insurers Embrace Liability-Driven Investing 


In a recent interview with A.M. Best, Conning's, Daniel Mainolfi, said insurers and pension fund managers have become proficient in investing against long-term liabilities, which can reduce overall volatility.

Breaking the Pension Funding Stalemate


U.S. defined benefit plan sponsors need new tools to break the stalemate many face regarding pension funding: unable to improve low funding levels, sponsors have not implemented stronger plan risk-management practices to help them better align plan assets with future liability obligations.