Expand Your Horizon

Our comprehensive suite of products and strategies are designed to meet the needs of our clients and to ensure that their strategic goals are achieved.

Investment Management

At Conning, we work with a broad range of asset classes and strategies to construct optimal portfolio solutions for our clients. Whether you are an insurer, pension plan, or institutional investor, our global team of experts is dedicated to building the ideal custom portfolio to meet your goals.



Software and Services

Conning's risk management products have been in use by the insurance industry for well over a decade. At the core is our GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator, which provides real world and risk neutral scenario capabilities, allowing you to project realistic future states of global economies and capital markets. 



Insurance Research

Insurance Research at Conning has been working with insurers for more than 50 years, offering an array of insurance industry research and information services. Whether you need insurance industry competitive landscape reporting of industry segments via our Insurance Segment Reports, line of business performance projections from our Forecast & Analysis reports, or the in-depth analysis of industry trends from our Strategic Study series, Conning offers a subscription package to meet your needs.



Risk Management Software


FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer

ADVISE® Enterprise Risk Modeler

Investment Optimizer

Simulates future states of the global economy and financial markets using leading-edge economic models.

Models dynamic multi-portfolio trading strategies and evaluates Strategic Asset Allocation within and across investment portfolios.

Facilitates standalone, full-enterprise risk modeling of property/casualty and health insurers and reinsurers, as well as imports life liability cash flows and reserves for multi-sector modeling.

Investment Optimizer works seamlessly within GEMS®, FIRM®, and ADVISE®, allowing you to perform asset-based efficient frontier analyses, analyze investment risk on an integrated basis with underwriting, liability and operational risks.