Conning fosters personal relationships among employees and families through a variety of workplace events, celebrations and community services programs.


Community Service

Conning believes strongly in giving back to our communities, hosting and participating in several local events. Activities have included: organizing book drives, volunteering for the Greater Hartford Arts Foundation, fundraising for the United Way and participating in National Rebuilding Day.


Wellness Program

The Wellness Committee advocates for healthy life choices by:

  • Promoting the tools and resources that can help improve health and welfare
  • Empowering employees to achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Creating a healthy workplace culture.

Activities have included flu shots, biometric screenings, "Lunch & Learns,” complimentary chair massages, cooking demos and CPR/First Aid classes and certification.


Professional Development

Conning’s consistent support for our employees’ well-being and professional growth through training programs such as:


Conning University

A series of introductory training sessions providing a brief overview of the firm’s many business areas presented by our resident subject matter experts. These one-hour sessions (live or recorded) focus on topics such as our investment process, risk management, products and services, operations and insurance research.

Mentor Program

The mentor program supports the personal growth and career development of more junior employees through selective one-to-one pairing with more senior, experienced employees. The mentoring relationship is an ongoing one of continuous improvement, learning, coaching, dialogue, and challenge, involving a transfer of professional skills, company knowledge and newer perspectives and ideas.

Employee Networking Groups

The Women’s Initiative Network and the Young Professional Group promote an inclusive forum for networking and community building.


The Women’s Initiative Network

  • Champions a sense of community within Conning

  • Provides a forum for networking and group mentorship

  • Cultivates career development and skill-building opportunities at each stage of a woman’s career


The Young Professionals Group

  • Presents opportunities to expand professionally and socially

  • Provides a forum for networking and community building

  • Fosters continuous career development and skill-building opportunities