Liability-Driven Investing

Our LDI services are available to plans of all sizes and include the full breadth of investment solutions from broad market long duration fixed income to highly customized investment strategies and including the use of derivative instruments.

Separate Accounts

  • Long duration credit

  • Long duration corporate (inc. credit rating-based sleeves thereof, e.g. A or better)

  • Long duration government/credit

  • Blended market index strategies

  • Customized strategies targeting liability rate and credit spread duration across the term structure

  • LDI completion management services that coordinate a plan’s overall hedging strategy among a number of fixed income (hedging) asset managers

  • Glidepath management and rebalancing services that facilitate moving between phases in a glidepath, as well as rebalancing back to a strategic benchmark

  • Derivative overlays in conjunction with or separate to any of the aforementioned strategies:

Collective Investment Trusts

*U.S. S&P 500 Index Fund is in levered form, thereby allowing capital allocation to U.S. credit funds for hedging liability interest rate and credit spread risk while simultaneously maintaining passive exposure to the U.S. large cap equity market.

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