The Global Multi Income Balanced multi-asset strategy seeks to generate stable absolute total returns with lower volatility across market cycles. 面對各種市場循環,全球多元收益平衡型多元資產策略致力實現波動性更低且穩定之絕對總回報表現。

Our Global Multi Income Balanced strategy 康利全球多元收益策略

The Global Multi Asset team invests in publicly listed equities, high yield credit, high grade credit, and government bonds across all major developed and emerging market economies. Our investment process combines a bottom-up, proprietary fundamental research and analysis process for security selection with a macro-oriented asset allocation overlay in order to dynamically manage portfolio construction over the economic cycle. We aim to deliver absolute total returns through the market cycle that exceed those of our global peer group of other multi asset balanced funds managed by our competitors.


Benefits of a Multi-Asset Portfolio 多元資產投資組合之優勢

Our total-return orientation focuses on both income generation and capital appreciation. As we can review a wide universe of potential investments, we enjoy flexibility on pursuing the most promising opportunities at any point in a market cycle. Our strategy has provided lower volatility than global equities while also optimizing capital returns for our clients.*