Conning Viewpoint: Transition Risk Analysis May Help Insurers Better Understand

July 08, 2021

Including Potential Long-Term Climate Impact May Enhance Credit Analysis


HARTFORD, CT – July 8, 2021 — Leading global investment management firm Conning has posted a Viewpoint examining transition risk, i.e., the investment risks - and opportunities – that may arise in response to how efforts to reduce carbon emissions may affect the securities in their investment portfolios.


Authors Matthew Daly, Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams, and Denzil De Bie, Head of Credit Research – Europe, explain that the growing concerns of climate change are becoming an issue for insurers and that industry regulators are picking up the mantle as well. The path ahead likely includes more changes related to carbon emissions in both public policy and the insurance industry, they note in the Viewpoint “Transition Risk: Portfolio Considerations Amid Increasing Carbon-Emission Controls and Climate-Related Regulations.”

“Conning believes credit analysis is more robust when it includes potential climate impact as it provides a longer-term view of how a credit may perform,” said De Bie.

Efforts to lower carbon emissions may impact some industries more than others and may not affect all companies in an industry equally. “From an investment perspective, we think insurers should consider transition risk and the potential impact on both credit fundamentals as well as valuations,” De Bie added.

“Our analysis seeks to integrate all risk and opportunities related to an investment portfolio, including transition risk,” said Daly. “We want to help insurers build an investment strategy that suits their business needs and tolerance for risk and helps them understand the regulatory environment and the evolving investment landscape.”




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