• Latest Semi-Annual State of the States Municipal Credit Report and Rankings (Q2, 2015)

    Research shows economic growth and cautious spending contributing to
    improving outlook on state credit quality

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    State of the States Q2 2015  
  • Oil Prices - A Fluid Situation: Opportunities for Investors in the Energy Sector

    The one constant in the history of global oil prices is change. The current price drop, while it lasts, will benefit energy consumers more than it will hurt energy producers, and lower energy spending will stimulate the economies of oil importing countries.

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    Oil prices viewpoint  
  • Conning’s Award-Winning Risk Management Software Extends Its Lead In Credit Risk Modeling And User Calibration Technology

     Version 6.4 provides unique benefits to address illiquidity in spread dynamics

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    rcms software release  
  • Conning is one of the leading global insurance asset managers

    Our investment professionals adhere to a consistent, disciplined investment philosophy that is supported by our research and extensive market experience.

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  • Conning Understands the Unique Risks Facing Insurance Companies

    We offer analytical expertise and advanced modeling capabilities to support our clients' strategic financial goals.

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  • Conning's Insurance Industry Research Drives Strategic Planning

    Leading insurers and service firms to the industry rely on Conning's analyses to make smarter, more informed decisions about their business.

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Conning Highlights

JUN 24, 2015InsurerAM: Q&A on Municipals

Alex McCallum of InsurerAM discusses municipals with Conning's Paul Mansour

JUN 23, 2015Voicing a View - The Rise of Custom Calibrations in Economic Scenario Generators

Custom Economic Scenario Generator calibrations are becoming the norm. This whitepaper discusses issues critical to insurers and pension plans.

JUN 15, 2015AM Best Issues and Answers: Benefits of Diversification

In the late stage of this credit cycle, Conning looks beyond core fixed-income portfolios to diversified asset types that are not highly correlated to core holdings.

JUN 05, 2015Conning: One of Three 64th Annual United Way Community Service Award Recipients

This video highlights William S. Conning, the founder of Conning, as one of the local United Way founding members. He believed in giving back to the communities in which he lived and worked.

MAY 19, 2015Qatar Re Signs Multi-Year Software License With Conning

GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator Will Help Qatar Re Model Solvency Capital and Business Planning Requirements

MAY 05, 2015Conning Appoints Donald E. Townswick as Equities Director

Further Enhances Conning’s Expertise in US and Global Equities for Insurers

APR 22, 2015Asset Management Viewpoint: Alternative Investments for Life Insurers

We have seen a dramatic decline in long-term bond yields. Companies are under enormous pressure to enhance investment income. This Viewpoint discusses strategies for Life Insurers.


Conning is a global provider of asset management, risk management, capital management and industry research services for insurance companies.

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High Dividend Equity

HDE seeks to generate strong current income with growth potential overtime and secondarily long term capital appreciation

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Liquid Alternatives

Alternative investments offer unique risk/reward characteristics typically not found in traditional equity or fixed income investments

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Master Limited Partnerships

MLPs trade on major exchanges and earn at least 90% of their income from qualifying natural resources.

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Scott Hawkins

Conning's Scott Hawkins discusses new entrants into the retirement market.

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Strategic Asset Allocation

SAA provides critical insights on investment risk and allows insurers to adjust their portfolio strategies to increase investment performance and/or reduce portfolio risk

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The NAIC's proposed ORSA legislation deliberately provides only broad requirements, leaving major implementation issues to the discretion of insurers; insurers will need to determine their approach and some of the key considerations involved. 

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