• Conning’s GEMS® Software Receives Best Economic Scenario Generator Award

    from Insurance Risk Magazine for Third Time in Four Years

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    Insurance Risk Awards 2014  
  • Latest Semi-Annual State of the States Municipal Credit Report and Rankings

    Conning sees improvement in aggregate state credit quality due to economic growth bolstering state revenues, which has led to increases in fund balances for most states

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  • Cathay Financial Holdings Announces Acquisition of Conning

    Expands Cathay's asset management business globally and adds breadth and depth of services for both Conning and Cathay clients across Asia, Europe and North America

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  • Conning and World Risk and Insurance News launch new video series: “Connecting with Conning”

    The new video series will feature Conning leaders discussing topics such as investment strategies and new research and trends affecting decision-making in the insurance industry.

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  • Emerging Markets: Conning's perspective

    “As a means to enhance investment portfolio diversification, emerging markets offer a solution that can focus on risk-adjusted returns on capital, enhance income in a low rate environment, and fit within a constantly evolving regulatory framework. Conning’s global approach recognizes these fundamental needs of the insurance industry.”

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  • The Importance of Risk Attribution

    "A rigorous approach to risk attribution increases the ability of an organization to understand and articulate risk-adjusted measures of performance, and has become an important tool for senior leadership to effectively manage their company."

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    Risk Attribution Whitepaper  
  • Essential Features of a Good Economic Scenario Generator(ESG)

    "An economic scenario generator (ESG) simulates future paths of economies and financial markets and illuminates the nature of risk elements within the economy that drive financial variability. A well designed ESG is critical for insurers to identify and manage the internal and external risks to their organizations."

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  • Conning and CCAM awarded Best Risk Management Technology by Asia Asset Management Magazine

    Conning’s team was recognized for its dedication to providing solutions for the insurance industry’s risk management needs

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  • Conning is one of the leading global insurance asset managers

    Our investment professionals adhere to a consistent, disciplined investment philosophy that is supported by our research and extensive market experience.

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  • Conning Understands the Unique Risks Facing Insurance Companies

    We offer analytical expertise and advanced modeling capabilities to support our clients' strategic financial goals.

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  • Conning's Insurance Industry Research Drives Strategic Planning

    Leading insurers and service firms to the industry rely on Conning's analyses to make smarter, more informed decisions about their business.

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Conning Highlights

DEC 18, 2014Conning acts as strategic adviser for Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company's acquisition of John Deere Crop Insurance

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa (FMH) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire John Deere Insurance Company and John Deere Risk Protection, Inc.

NOV 26, 20142014 CT Insurance Market Brief: The Challenges of Planning for the Future

In this executive perspective, Woody Bradford discusses the benefits of a comprehensive approach when planning for the future.

NOV 12, 2014Cathay Financial Holdings Announces Acquisition of Conning

“This transaction is good for Conning’s clients and employees, as well as the long-term strategy of our company,” said Mr. Bradford. “Cathay supports the continuation of our firm’s client-focused culture and service model and will provide additional resources to accelerate our business plans and further enhance the value proposition for our clients.”

OCT 15, 2014Treading Water

Conning's Ken Griffin discusses investment tactics for a low interest rate environment with Best's Review.

OCT 14, 2014Replicating Portfolios Revisited

Authored by Conning's Alexey Botvinnik, Alexander Tazov and Milliman this paper takes a deeper look at the replicating portfolios method and how it can be enhanced to achieve better solutions to the approximation problem. Two methods allowing for a robust and reliable calibration of replicating portfolios are discussed.

SEP 10, 2014Viewpoint: Tax Advantaged Securities for Health Insurance Companies

Tax-exempt municipal securities play an important role in the investment portfolios for non-life companies, including health companies. The benefit of investing in tax-exempt municipal securities depends on a company’s tax status.

JUL 23, 2014Viewpoint: U.S. Investment Grade Corporate Credit; 7th Inning Stretch or Bottom of the 9th?

The corporate market has gone nearly full circle in the past decade, and investors find themselves in an environment that looks disturbingly similar to 2005-2006. This paper will discuss Conning's concept of a recurring corporate credit "cycle," where we currently are in the cycle and what to expect going forward.


Conning is a global provider of asset management, risk management, capital management and industry research services for insurance companies.

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