Conning Sees Growing Demand For Its High Dividend Equity Strategy In a Volatile Market Environment

January 28, 2016

Conning Sees Growing Demand For Its High Dividend Equity Strategy In a Volatile Market Environment

Firm’s 5-Year U.S. High Dividend Equity Strategy Track Record Outperforms Peer Investment Strategies1    

HARTFORD, CT – January 28, 2016 – According to Conning, a leading global investment solutions provider, insurance industry investors, are increasing allocations to high dividend equity strategies in this low interest rate environment to enhance income and portfolio diversification. Since the inception of its U.S. high dividend equity strategy in 2011, Conning has seen a steady influx of funds, amounting to nearly $1 billion today.          

“Insurance company investors are continuing to seek diversification through multiple asset classes while maintaining adequate levels of income,” said Michael Haylon, Managing Director at Conning. “Income-oriented strategies – such as our U.S. high dividend equity strategy -- have served investors well in recent years, by enhancing investment income, portfolio diversification and overall risk-adjusted returns.”        

Conning’s U.S. high dividend equity strategy has built incremental value for investment portfolios since 2011, generating an average annual 13.94% net return since inception.  The US high dividend equity strategy's five-year return and risk-adjusted return, as measured by its information ratio, both ranked in the top percentile of the eVestment Alliance Dividend Focus Manager Universe.1          

Conning’s strategy focuses on companies with strong balance sheets in sectors that will allow them to maintain their dividend payouts in periods of economic uncertainty and increase dividends as the economy strengthens. According to Conning, the benefits of its high dividend equity strategy include:       

  • Dividend yields that are currently attractive relative to yields on fixed-income instruments        
  • Potential for dividend increases and capital appreciation        
  • Tax savings for certain insurance companies due to the dividends-received deduction        
  •  Diversification of risk, with adequate levels of income          


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