Conning is Pleased to Announce its Newest Focus Series  - ESG in the Insurance Industry

April 07, 2021


HARTFORD, CT – April 7, 2021 – ESG (environmental, social, and governance) concerns have been increasing for years, but in 2021, these concerns are becoming mainstream in all areas of business, including insurance. U.S. insurers have been making progress in raising ESG awareness but was generally perceived as lagging behind Europe.

The Conning Focus Series, “ESG in the Insurance Industry” examines how ESG concerns have increased recently, and how insurers are measuring and disclosing their progress in addressing the concerns. The Focus Series describes how ESG metrics are proliferating by ESG advocates, regulators, and rating agencies, creating a challenging business environment for insurers trying to stay on top of this quickly evolving topic.  This report is Conning’s first in a series of four reports which will be released this year covering ESG topics.

“The direction toward more disclosure on a broader range of ESG topics is clear. The market is demanding it, and insurance companies are feeling the pressure from many directions to provide increased disclosures,” said Terence Martin, a Director, Insurance Research at Conning.

“Even in the absence of explicit disclosure requirements or established standards, insurance companies should be proactively disclosing their actions to address ESG and DEI concerns. If an insurer does not tell its own story, someone else will,” added Steve Webersen, Head of Insurance Research.

“ESG in the Insurance Industry” Focus Series is available for purchase from Conning by calling (888) 707-1177 or by clicking here.


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