2016: Personal Lines Consumer Markets Annual - The Accelerating Pace of Change

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Conning's annual review of key consumer trends in personal lines insurance is designed to keep insurers abreast of market drivers and potential impacts on insurer products and distribution activities. Demographic segments are analyzed over time, to bring into focus the shifts in population and consumer preferences. The study analyzes key trends affecting consumer behavior and preferences from technological changes, economic impacts, and cultural shifts.

1. Introduction 

2. Executive Summary 

3. Demographic Trends 

  • Slowing Population Growth
  • Age Structure
  • Geographic Profile of Growth Shifting
  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity
  • Summary

4. Technological Trends 

  • Communication Trends: Greater Expectations?
  • Shopping Preferences
  • Changing Risk Profile
  • Summary

5. Economic Trends 

  • Pressure on GDP Growth
  • Slow Wage Growth
  • Car Sales Growth Rate Likely to Slow
  • Credit Remains Tight, Slowing Growth in Home Ownership
  • Summary

6. Cultural Trends 

  • Sharing Economy Effects
  • Peer-to-Peer Markets
  • Structure of the U.S. Household Undergoing Notable Change
  • Drug Use




In prior editions of the Personal Lines Consumer Market Annual, we have shown generational changes at the beginning of the study, but we now have meaningful consumer shifts in just a decade—and the pace of change is accelerating. Some of the change may be cyclical variations with the economy; other more enduring changes may be tied more to generational differences than to economic factors. This study seeks to identify the important changes affecting the personal lines consumer, understand what is driving these changes, and discuss what these changes might mean for market participants.