2023: Life Settlements - Steady Growth Ahead

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The economy in 2022 through October 2023 has been marked by higher interest rates and greater uncertainty with the potential for a recession looming overhead. Given this economic turbulence, what is the outlook for continued life settlement growth?

Conning’s analysis of the factors driving life settlement growth are mostly positive. Consumers are likely to seek additional sources of income to offset economic pressures. Investor demand for alternative assets is forecast to remain strong. Both factors are positive for life settlement growth. In addition, the development of a broader, direct-to-consumer life settlement market is likely to widen the number of consumers who can access life settlements. Conning’s 18th annual life settlement review examines the key forces fueling continued growth within the life settlement industry.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Life Settlement Market Review

4. Life Settlement Forecast Drivers

  • Economic and Capital Drivers 

  • Consumer Drivers

  • Insurance Industry Drivers 

  • Life Settlement Industry Drivers

  • Tertiary Market Driver

  • Summary

5. Life Settlement Market Forecast

  • Conning’s Life Settlement Market Forecast

  • Conning Tertiary Market Forecast

  • Summary

6. Life Settlement Insurer Performance

  • Insurers with Life Settled Policies Performance Review 

  • Portfolio Performance and Net Operating Gain 

  • Life Insurer Concerns About the Impact of Life Settlements

  • Summary

Appendix—Life Settlement Market Structure and Risks 


This study reviews this diverse secondary market for insurance products.

  • We identify the key drivers behind the growth in our forecast for 2023-2032

  • We analyze the performance of those insurers targeted by life settlement investors, compared to the broader life industry

  • As always, for new investors curious about life settlements, we provide an introductory primer on how life settlements operate