2021: Life Settlements - The Growth Continues

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Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, the life settlement market in 2020 enjoyed its fifth consecutive year of growth in the amount of face value settled. Looking ahead, the outlook for continued growth remains favorable. However, the evolution of the industry towards a broader, direct-to-consumer market is likely to change the nature of the policies being settled. Adding to this change is the potential need of Covid-19 long haulers to settle their policies. 

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Life Settlement Market Review

  • Covid-19’s Excess Mortality Impacts Life Settlements

  • Life Settlement Market Review

  • Summary

4. Life Settlement Forecast Drivers

  • Economic and Capital Drivers

  • Consumer Drivers

  • Industry Drivers

  • Tertiary Market Drivers

  • Summary

5. Life Settlement Market Forecast

  • Conning's Life Settlement Market Forecast

  • Conning's Tertiary Market Forecast

  • Summary

6. Life Settlement Insurer Performance

  • Insurers with Life Settled Policies Performance Review

  • Portfolio Performance and Net Operating Gain

  • Life Insurer Concerns About the Impact of Life Settlements

  • Summary

Appendix—Life Settlement Market Structure and Risks  


Conning’s 16th annual life settlement review takes a preliminary look at the potential impacts COVID-19 could have on life settlements. This study reviews the current life settlement market and provide our forecast for 2021-2030. In addition, we provide a review of key announcements and issues confronting life settlement investors in 2020 and 2021. Our analysis of the life settlement market development and forecast growth is based on Conning’s proprietary methodology. It incorporates key forecast drivers and market assumptions based on our review of the industry.

The report continues our analysis of those insurers we identify as being targets of life settlement investors. Using statutory financial data, it examines the financial performance and trends of the insurance companies that have been targeted by life settlement investors. It compares the performance of those companies against the total life industry to identify any divergence from broader industry trends. Significant negative divergence may indicate future challenges for life settlement investors if any divergence leads to premium increases. This analysis provides useful insight for investors on the financial performance of the companies that issued the policies in their portfolios.

  • We review Covid-19’s impact on the life settlement market.

  • We identify the key drivers behind the growth in our forecast for 2021-2030.

  • We analyze the performance of those insurers targeted by life settlement investors, compared to the broader life industry.

  • As always, for new investors curious about life settlements, we provide an introductory primer of how life settlements operate.