2020: Global Life & Health Insurance M&A in 2019 - The Quest for Growth Continues

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The Conning study, “Global Life & Health Insurance M&A in 2019 - The Quest for Growth Continues” tracks and analyzes U.S. and non-U.S. life, annuity and health mergers and acquisitions activity for insurers, distributors, and service-related firms. Specific transactions are detailed, and trends are analyzed across all segments

1. Introduction

  2. Executive Summary

  3. Insurance M&A Market Overview

²     Overview

²     Key M&A Drivers in 2019

²     Key M&A Themes in 2019

²     2020 Outlook

4.  Life-Annuity Insurance M&A

²     Year in Review

²     The Year Ahead

  5.  Health Insurance/Managed Care M&A

²     Overview

²     Key Drivers: 2019

²     Key Themes: 2019

²     Key Health and Managed Care Transactions: 2019

²     Year in Review

²     The Year Ahead

  6.  Insurance Distribution and Services Sectors M&A

²     Largest Life-Annuity and Health Distribution & Service Deals

²     Life-Annuity and Health Distribution and Service Drivers

²     Life-Annuity Distribution and Services M&A

²     Health Distribution and Services M&A




This study, Conning’s 30th annual in-depth analysis of global insurance M&A, reviews life-annuity and health insurance M&A transactions announced in 2019 and early 2020. The analysis covers acquisitions of insurers, distributors, and insurance service providers. In prior editions of the Conning insurance M&A study, there was a volume on M&A involving property-casualty, life, and health insurers and a separate volume for insurance distribution and insurance services M&A. This year we cover property-casualty-related M&A (insurers, distributors, and service providers) in one volume and life and health insurance-related M&A in a separate volume.

Transactions covered include operating companies as well as selected reinsurance transactions involving acquisition of legacy business. The study also identifies salient drivers and themes in the M&A record. Changes in M&A drivers and themes reflect broader trends in the industry, at management teams, and at stakeholders.

M&A activity is a useful leading indicator of broader industry trends. It is, therefore, instructive for strategically minded planners at insurers, brokers, and for investors to follow developing M&A activity, dynamics, and themes for insights into market segments.

Our analysis is based on Conning’s global database of publicly announced transactions, supplemented by direct communication with acquirers whose acquisitions are not publicly announced.

  • Chapter 3 provides a broad overview of cross-sector insurance M&A activity, drivers, and themes.

  • Chapters 4 and 5 focus on M&A transactions, drivers, and themes for the 2019 life-annuity and health insurance sectors, respectively.

  • Chapter 6 focuses on insurance distribution and services M&A for the life-annuity and health insurance sectors.