2018: Global Insurance Distribution & Services Sector Mergers & Acquisitions in 2017 - Property-Casualty Blazing the Trail; Status Quo for Life, Health, Services

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Conning’s annual report on Mergers & Acquisitions in the insurance distribution and services sectors is a review of transactions for both property-casualty and life-health. The largest transactions are reviewed in detail across all sectors. The report identifies trends in buyer and seller activity, as well as overarching themes. The outlook for 2018 M&A and future drivers of activity are also presented.

1. Introduction 

2. Executive Summary 

3. Key M&A Themes of 2017 

  • Largest Distribution & Service Deals

  • M&A Context: Major Insurer Global Transactions

  • Largest Life-Annuity M&A Transactions

  • Health Insurers: One Up, Two Down

  • M&A Themes

4. Drivers of M&A in 2017 

  • Property-Casualty Distribution & Services Drivers

  • Life-Annuity/Health Distribution & Services Drivers

  • Emerging Drivers

5. Property-Casualty Distribution Sector M&A Transactions 

  • Largest Distribution Transactions

  • Summary & Outlook: Property-Casualty Distribution

6. Insurance Services Sector M&A Transactions 

  • 2017 Major Transactions

  • Technology Targets Lead the Way

  • Claims Adjusters and TPAs

  • Pension and Consulting Services

  • Asset Management Acquisitions

  • Summary & Outlook: Insurance Services

7. Life-Annuity and Health Sector M&A Transactions 

  • Broker-Dealer Transactions

  • Health Services: Vertical Integration Trend Spawns M&A

  • Outlook: Life/Health Distribution M&A


A. Methodology and Criteria for Inclusion in Mergers & Acquisitions Database

B. Series of Recurring Mergers & Acquisitions Studies

C. Historical Summary Data

D. 2017 Mergers & Acquisitions by Sector


This analysis of 2017 global M&A (mergers and acquisitions) in the insurance distribution and services marketplace is Conning’s fourth edition focused solely on distribution and services. A separate Conning Strategic Study covers the global M&A activity among insurance underwriters.

Conning’s proprietary database of insurance sector M&A activity spans more than 20 years of tracking with almost 12,000 transactions. In 2017, insurance distribution and services M&A set a new record in terms of transaction counts, eclipsing the prior record year of 2015.

This study reviews the characteristics of the record-setting year and what factors contributed to the high level of transaction activity, including:

  • the key themes of 2017 M&A, with major transaction details and exploration of private equity’s growing presence

  • the drivers in place to stimulate M&A and what has changed

  • a detailed review of subsector M&A activity for:

    • property-casualty insurance distribution

    • insurance-related services

    • life-annuity insurance distribution

    • health insurance distribution 

Within each subsector, we provide some thoughts on the outlook for 2018 M&A activity, with key areas of focus that could have an impact on the pace of deal-making over the next few years. The appendices offer an extensive listing of the distribution and insurance-related services transactions for the full year 2017.