Conning High Dividend Equities strategy seeks to generate strong current income with the potential for growing dividends and capital appreciation.

Our U.S. High Dividend Equities Strategy

Conning invests in high quality companies that offer dividend yields above that of the S&P 500. Our goal is to capture at least 80% of the appreciation of the S&P 500 when markets are rising and no more than 80% of its declines when the market prices are falling. We focus on companies with strong balance sheets, investment-grade debt ratings, positive cash flow from operations, and stable or increasing dividends. We strive to minimize turnover, in order enhance after-tax returns.



Benefits of High Dividend Equities

  • Higher after-tax yields than equity index products

  • Hedge against inflation and higher interest rates

  • Opportunities to invest in high quality companies that may not yet be available in public debt markets

  • Less volatility than the S&P 500


Our HDE Expert

Don Townswick

Director of Equity Strategies