Fixed Income

Our actively managed multi-sector strategies utilize a highly disciplined investment process that is designed to maximize total return while carefully controlling risk.

Our Multi-Sector Strategies

We offer a number of actively managed multi-sector strategies that include:

  • Core

  • Core-Plus

  • Long Duration Core-Plus Fixed Income

Investment Approach

Our multi-sector approach utilizes active sector rotation. We believe that active sector rotation, combined with disciplined risk management and careful security selection, may result in optimal performance for our clients. We identify the most attractive sectors within the fixed-income market based on a careful analysis of fundamentals, relative valuations and supply and demand factors.

We select undervalued securities based on rigorous fundamental analysis performed by our highly experienced research team, detailed quantitative analysis and an intense focus on valuations.

Portfolio construction reflects both top-down sector allocation and bottom-up issue selection. Portfolios are designed to maximize total returns while carefully controlling interest rate, prepayment and credit risk.


Our Single-Sector Fixed-Income Strategies

We also offer dedicated fixed-income strategies in each of the following market sectors:

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