Our actively managed equity strategies are designed to produce attractive levels of income and the potential for capital appreciation with below-average risk.

Our High Dividend Equity Strategies

We offer actively managed equity strategies that seek to produce attractive dividend yields with lower volatility than the overall market. These strategies include:

  • U.S. High Dividend Equities

  • Global High Dividend Equities


Investment Approach

We invest in companies with strong balance sheets and cash flow that provide above-average dividend yields and the potential to increase dividends over time. We focus on companies in industry groups that can grow dividends in an improving economy, but have the financial strength to maintain dividends if the economic environment becomes more challenging.

We also seek to achieve less risk with these strategies than the overall equity market. Our goal to achieve at least 80% of the return of traditional large-cap indices when markets are appreciating, and no more than 80% of the downside when markets are declining in value. 



Our Master Limited Partnerships

We offer master limited partnerships strategies that seek to provide attractive distribution yields and the potential for increased distributions and capital appreciation over time.


Investment Approach

These strategies involve publicly traded MLPs in the midstream energy space, including those engaged in distribution, storage and processing. We focus on MLPs with fee-based revenues that are not susceptible to changes in commodity prices. We emphasize issues with strong balance sheets and investment-grade debt ratings.