November 14, 2016

Conning Sees Continued Interest in Mid-Stream MLPs Given Long-Term Growth Opportunities

Conning Performs in Top Quartile of eVestment Universe for MLP Equity Products

HARTFORD, CT – November 14, 2016 –According to leading global investment management firm Conning, institutional investors, including insurers and pensions, continue to increase allocations to Master Limited Partnership (MLP) strategies in their search for yield in the current low interest rate environment.

According to Marcus McGregor, MLP Investment Strategist at Conning, “Over the past three years institutional ownership of large cap MLPs increased 60%.2 Despite the ongoing unprecedented volatility in commodity prices and still relatively high capital costs for MLPs, we maintain a favorable long-term fundamental outlook on midstream MLPs as we reiterate visible North American energy infrastructure needs over the next couple of decades.” In an April 2016 study, the INGAA Foundation, Inc. indicated that $546 billion in total investment will be needed for all North American Midstream Infrastructure through 2035. Additionally, roughly 57% of the total investment in the most-likely outlook will be earmarked for natural gas infrastructure.

Healthy balance sheets, a lack of distribution cuts, and the ability to raise substantial capital are among the key factors supporting Conning’s positive outlook on high quality midstream MLPs. Moreover, based on recent improvements in midstream MLP valuations, Conning believes that many investors may be focused on potential growth opportunities in the space rather than near-term movements in commodity prices. Other factors that have been attracting investors to midstream MLPs include their mostly fee-based revenue streams and predictable cash flows.

McGregor added, “We continue to see value in high quality midstream MLPs – not only from a market point of view but more importantly as a means for further portfolio diversification, as well as their potential for capital appreciation, high levels of taxdeferred distributions and after-tax yields.”

Since launched in 2013, Conning’s MLP investment strategy has consistently outperformed the Alerian MLP Index by 518 basis points annually (as of September 30, 2016). Additionally, Conning’s three-year risk-adjusted return, as measured by its Information Ratio, ranked in the top quartile of the eVestment Alliance MLP universe ending September 30, 2016. 1


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