Learn More About Global Evolution's Investment Process


In this short video you will learn more about about Global Evolution's investment process.

Pension Funded Status Tracker - August 2018


Funded levels for U.S. corporate pension plans held steady in August and remain 4% higher than year-end 2017. Assets grew due to outperformance in U.S. equity, Treasury and corporate bond markets, but liabilities also grew as interest rates fell. Learn more about the trends and drivers in our August Pension Funded Status Tracker.

Viewpoint - ABS Offer Potential Portfolio Diversification, Quality and Defense


As spreads remain tight and concerns abound over the possibility that we are late in the credit cycle, asset-backed securities may offer institutions competitive yields, diversification and defensive support for their portfolios. 

Insights - Pension Funded Status Tracker - July 2018


Funded levels for U.S. corporate pension plans held steady in July and remain 4% higher than year-end 2017. A rally in global equity markets fed asset growth, while liabilities were muted as interest rates and corporate bond spreads moved in opposite directions. Learn more about the trends and drivers in our July Pension Funded Status Tracker.

Insights - After-Tax Returns: Investment Strategies for PC Insurers Post Tax Reform


Insurance asset management for property & casualty firms grew more complex when tax-exempt municipal bonds became less appealing under federal tax reform. Other assets may offer solutions, however, as Conning highlights in this webinar.

Key Facts - June 2018


Conning ( is a leading investment management firm with a long history of serving the insurance industry. Conning supports institutional investors, including pension plans, with investment solutions and asset management offerings, award-winning risk modeling software, and industry research. Founded in 1912, Conning has investment centers in Asia, Europe and North America.

Pension Funded Status Tracker - May 2018


Funded levels for U.S. corporate pension plans were flat in May, as lower interest rates led to gains in fixed income assets as well as liabilities, but remain 3% higher than year-end 2017. Learn more about the trends and drivers in our May Pension Funded Status Tracker.

Annual Corporate Pension Review - 2017


U.S. corporate pension plans in 2017 reached their highest funding levels since 2013.  More sponsors may now seek to de-risk their plans with investment strategies that better match assets to their liabilities, likely driving demand for longer-term bonds. Learn more in Conning’s Annual Corporate Pension Review – 2017.

Asset TV Masterclass: Liability Driven Investing - May 2018


Liability driven investing is a popular choice for defined benefit pension plans. As the market environment, rate regime and tax codes change, how will these strategies navigate 2018? In this edition of Masterclass, four experts discuss how to understand the shifting landscape.