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Conning's software products have been in use by the insurance industry for well over a decade. At the core is our GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator, which provides real world and risk neutral scenario capabilities, allowing you to project realistic future states of global economies and capital markets. 

Conning's FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer combines GEMS® with the most comprehensive risk module on the market and a sophisticated management decision rules engine. 

ADVISE® Enterprise Risk Modeler builds upon FIRM® Portfolio Analyzer to provide full asset liability modeling in a complete, advanced stochastic Monte Carlo system.

To top off our risk management product suite, Conning offers Investment Optimizer, the only efficient frontier analysis software that optimizes your investment decision-making on both an asset-based AND full asset liability basis. Designed for strategic asset allocation, Investment Optimizer works seamlessly within GEMS®, FIRM®, and ADVISE®. 

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GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator simulates realistic future states of global economies and capital markets using leading edge models, providing full market risk and asset class coverage.
FIRM®  Portfolio Analyzer provides unparalleled investment risk modeling capabilities, with or without importing projected liability cash flows and reserves from other risk modeling systems.
Enterprise Risk Modeler is an advanced stochastic simulation and analysis platform powered by GEMS® for full enterprise risk modeling. 
Investment Optimizer is a risk/reward efficient frontier optimization application for strategic asset allocation, which optimizes investment strategies across multiple entities. 
Conning offers a full range of implementation and advisory services to support the deployment and ongoing operation of our software solutions within your organization.