Peer Analysis

Conning’s Peer Analysis service helps clients gain insight into their own financial results and key metrics compared to a select group of peers, industry segments, or with the industry as a whole. Peer groups can be identified and developed based on almost any criteria, including size, lines of business, investment strategy, geographic mix, company type and A.M. Best rating.

Our customized peer analysis includes:

  • Underwriting performance
  • Investment performance
  • Asset allocations, including bond portfolio allocations
  • Capital adequacy ratios
  • Operating ratios

The peer analysis is performed for the most recent five year time period to identify key trends and help companies better understand their market and risk positioning relative to peers.

Our clients receive concise, bulleted commentary highlighting the results of our observations and analysis. A peer analysis report serves as both an educational and a decision-making tool. Our clients typically use this report in communications with their boards and in discussions with external stakeholders, such as rating agencies and regulators. The report highlights company strengths and pinpoints areas of risk for consideration in an enterprise risk management process.

A Peer Analysis frequently is provided as a component of our Strategic Asset Allocation and Enterprise Risk Management services to develop a context for further analysis.

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